How to Use It

Check out the place where Lidieth took Michael . “Rancho Shirley” on the TravPad map!

The aim is to bring people and places together, all across the globe. TravPad aims to promote, not just big city destinations but towns and villages too. The site shows not only where you can eat, drink, party and sleep, but what you can see, what you can do and where you can go. TravPad is particularly keen on the secret, overlooked stuff, as we feel that’s often the most authentic experience.

TravPad wants everyone to use the site. Not just travellers, but local people too. Business who want to promote their own towns and villages and people who want to share the beauty of their places.

Wherever you are in the world, you always have neighbours with TravPad.

TravPad is easy to use. If you’re not registered, you can just check out the map. Zoom around and look at the area you’re interested in. Then press one of the categories to see if anyone’s shared information there – could be interesting sights, ideas for things to do, places to sleep-over, restaurants, bars or just information about that area. We also call these ‘points of interest’.

Each point of interest has a profile page. That page has a picture of whatever it is that point relates to, together with useful information about it and contact details. You can also see reviews other people have left about that point of interest.

Check out “Our house Gallery” and “Columbia road” on the TravPad map!

You should join us! It’s free, and if you’re registered on the Travpad site, you can do a whole lot more stuff. You can add your own points of interest. You can edit – correcting or adding information or an updated photo to – those others have already placed. You can also leave a review of a point of interest. This will help others form a view about that point.


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