The TravPad Story So Far

We are two enthusiastic and free-minded individuals; Lukas and Graeme. We each enjoy traveling and each have traveled extensively in a number of countries.

We met in Lukas’ home country of Sweden many years ago and have traveled to various places together since. One trip through the Southern end of Costa Rica with Lukas’ girlfriend and another friend Li, led to lengthy discussions about a possible project. The topic of those discussions was often about the lack of information and of the service which both wanted from a traveling site at that time. TravPad is a project which we hope will fill that void and which might offer an alternative to the more mainstream and ‘polished’ sites.


We’ve used various social and traveling sites for a long time. We believe we know what travelers and tourists want and, consequently, what traveling and social websites should offer – and that’s not about showing off and making other people feel sad – but about cooperation and the free and easy exchange of information.

If a website offers what the user wants, plainly it becomes popular. We, like many other travelers, know what existing sites lack and we also know what services are missing for us. We believe that others share this feeling.

Traveling  done in a ’real’ way involves immersion and integration into the society a traveler may finds themselves in. This, in our view, leads to a richer traveling experiences as a result. We aren’t happy with the way things are. We want to change things. We want to build something useful and unique. That something is TravPad.

This is the philosophy behind the project. Those are the missing spaces this product is hoped to fill.


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